1. What is the dress-for-less affiliate program and how does it work?

The dress-for-less affiliate program is an important part of the marketing strategy at dress-for-less, with a focus on the collaboration between dress-for-less (merchant) and affiliates (publishers).

The affiliate places one or more marketing ads on their website which directly link to the dress-for-less online shop. The affiliate then receives a commission in return for all valid orders generated directly via their website.

With the dress-for-less affiliate program you can recommend and advertise all dress-for-less products on your website and at the same time earn money from doing so!

2. How and where can I sign up as an affiliate?

We have an affiliate program in collaboration with TradeDoubler.

You can fill out our online registration form here. We will contact you as soon as we have checked your registration information.

3. Is it free to be an affiliate partner? What are the benefits?

It is completely free to be one of our affiliates.

Anyone who owns their own website is generally able to take part in our affiliate program. The website owner must be at least 18 years of age and legally capable.

The final decision of who is able to take part in our affiliate program, however, is the direct responsibility of dress-for-less. We reserve the right to decline membership in our affiliate program if, among other reasons, the content of your website does not match well with our products and/or brands.

4. Can I register with more than one website?

Yes! After the activation of your account you are able to add more websites in your affiliate account under "Sites" > "Add site".

5. Is the dress-for-less affiliate program available in other countries?

Yes! In our TradeDoubler partner program we have a current focus on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. We do, however, currently have customers in 57 countries and are therefore always happy to bring new affiliates on board for other countries, including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Spain, Great Britain, the USA, Denmark, France, Russia and Sweden.

6. What is cookie lifetime?

30 days.

7. How do I access marketing materials?

You can find graphics and text links in your affiliate account under "Ad Management" > "Ads" > "Search Ads". You can find product feeds in your account under "Tools" > "Product Feed".

8. Am I responsible for the customers that order via the link on my website?

No worries! dress-for-less is responsible for the processing of all orders and all customer-related issues.

9. How can I measure my performance results?

You can find detailed sales statistics in your affiliate account under „Statistics“ > „Program overview“. Here you can also create various dashboards, monitor your payments and much more!

10. When do I receive my commission?

Commission is paid out monthly after taking returns and cancellations into account. Due to current legal requirements for returns, a successful order can only first be rewarded after 14 days have passed.

11. Where do I find information regarding sales, coupons, new marketing materials, etc.?

Sign up for our affliate newsletter here in order to stay informed. Unsubscription is easily available at any time.